About Us

At Ek Computer, we pride ourselves on Commitment, Customer Satisfaction, Cost Efficiency and Support.

"Our Commitment", is to provide clients with technology that meets their Needs. At Ek Computer, we offer comprehensive computer and networking support tailored to the needs of your business, homes and remote offices. We are committed to providing you with personal attention and solutions that match your unique needs.

"Our Customer Satisfaction", is based on a 5 Star rating system. By reviewing other customer comments and how they rate the item. Many vendors ask for feedback on the items purchased and how we rate the product. Using the information that many people have posted helps us in providing you with the best of the best.

"Cost Efficiency", at Ek Computer, is based on product performance for the cost. Many people do not realize that almost every component in a system has many performance options. We understand that for a few dollars more, most products can be upgraded to the better quality... and that is how we build our systems. Most other computer manufacturers and assemblers look at it as a few extra dollars in their pockets and the customer will never know. At Ek Computer, we would be more than happy to go over any component with you to show you the differences so you can make a better and informed choice.

We "Pride" ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients. Small businesses often times do not need the help of a full-time computer technician on their staff. We can supplement existing staff or take control of administering your network. By proactively tackling and fixing the smaller issues, we help avoid larger problems in the future. Ek Computer provides the day-to-day support you need so that you can focus on your business.